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A 10-inch "hybrid" mattress - foam and springs for a medium-firm feel. Comfortable and supportive. Buy it, sleep on it, and forget about it. Made in the USA.

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Comfort & Feel

Our mattress is a "6" on a 0-10 firmness scale, which strikes a good balance between pressure relief and support. It has a plush feeling on top through the foam layers, and the motion-reducing coil base will support you.

The mattress is plush & supportive. It is a 6 out of 10 where 0 is softest and 10 is firmest.

Mattress Specifications

We picked each part for comfort and lasting quality, designed to give you great sleep at a fair price.

See below for transparent, detailed specs for the mattress, including insights into our design decisions.

Comfort layer - 2" fast-recovery foam

This foam combines the feel of memory foam and latex without the downsides, such as the typical “quicksand” memory foam feeling, body impressions, or overly buoyant latex. The open-cell structure of this foam allows heat to move away from your body while sleeping. It's breathable, durable, and offers great pressure relief. 3 lb density. Often advertised as: Energex™ Temperature Responsive Foam.

Transition layer - 1" breathable memory foam

Gentle transition from the plush comfort layer on top into the supportive coils below. This is an open-cell memory foam that is breathable and allows heat to dissipate. Helps absorb the energy that comes from the springs. 3.6 lb density. Often advertised as: Advanced Memory Foam.

Support layer - 6" motion-reducing coils & 1” base foam

The coil base offers the right kind of springy energy where you need it most. Provides the foundation that balances out the softer foam layers above. Supports you through the night and also gives that extra push-back, especially when it’s time to get out of bed. 6" motion-reducing coil system: 560 coils in a queen, 14.75 gauge.

Enhanced edge support

Foam borders that encase the outer perimeter of the coil base. Improves the overall stability of the mattress, preventing sagging or sinking when you sit or sleep near the edge.

Fiberglass-free fire barrier

Fire barrier that's completely fiberglass-free. Uses a food-grade salt treatment applied to cotton-polyester blended textile. Meets safety standards without introducing any known harmful chemicals or irritants. 80% cotton, 20% polyester.


Compatible with platform beds, box springs, slatted frames, and adjustable bases. Slats should be no more than 5-inches apart for proper support (typical spacing is 2-3 inches).

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10 Year Warranty
  • If your mattress has a defect or problem, we'll replace it for free for up to 10 years from when you bought it.
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Customer Reviews

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We love boring!

Comfortable with the right amount of support whether you sleep on you back, stomach, or side- highly recommend.

Honestly a great mattress

I’ve tried a bunch of the internet mattresses and I gotta say this is the one. Super comfortable without the diamond dust. Quick shipping and a totally fair price and I am a happy customer.

Great price to value ratio. Would buy again.

I bought one on release and it arrived in a week. For $800 a queen is amazing. Feels like the Casper hybrid I tried in store but without the price tag. Would rate.

It may feel soft when sitting on the edge, however it nicely supports your back when you lie down. Also is comfortable when rolling onto your side.

Considering buying a second one for the guest room.

Great quality & comfort!

After visiting several mattress stores locally and getting pitched everything under the sun, each store stated how their fairy dust and technology were better than the other guy. The boring mattress spoke to me. I just wanted a quality mattress. Bonus, it was made in America. From receiving it, I could feel the sheer weight compared to other foam mattresses I have had in the past, and therefore, the comfort and quality can be felt when using it.