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Fri Feb 16 - Written by: Daehee

Our "Won't Sink" Bet

We're making beds like they used to. And backing them with a new bet.

Even the best mattress warranties have a hidden flaw.

Sometimes, a couple years into sleeping on a mattress, it might start feeling drastically different (like sinking). But you can’t claim the warranty.

Mattress warranties only cover visible indentations or sagging. They don’t cover the loss of support or soft spots that aren’t visible to the eye.

So, we’re fixing this issue by improving our warranty. We’re excited to introduce our “Won’t Sink” Bet. This program is now available to all customers.

Here’s how it works:

For the first 3 years: If you think your mattress is sinking beyond normal break-in, getting too soft or not holding you up the same, you can get a brand new mattress for free.

Don’t worry, we’re not going to send out an inspector or make you do weird measurements with a special tool.

To make things easy, all we need is some feedback and a photo of someone laying on the mattress. The purpose is to help us identify where you are noticing a soft spot or sag or sinking. Beyond that we’ll trust your word.

For the remainder of your 10-year warranty period: If your mattress isn’t comfy anymore, you have the option to replace it with a 25% discount off the retail price.You can replace it with this 25% discount as many times as you want.

This update to our warranty is our way of reinforcing our commitment to great sleep, not just during your 99-night sleep trial but throughout the lifetime of the mattress.

For more details, visit our Boring Limited Warranty.