Escape Mattress Hell

Get a mattress that's better than it seems, at a price that makes sense. No tricks. No gimmicks.

Starting from $499, with free shipping.

You wouldn’t fall for that

Diamond dust, gel-grids, tears of gods? Do they help you sleep better? We don’t think so. But, it’s a great way to overpay. If you’re into money incinerators.

Comfort Over Hype

Why waste thousands on a mattress with “technology” as real as Bigfoot? Get a Boring Mattress instead. Same comfort, better price. Because we don't believe in making up mythical materials™ and charging extra for it.

A Boring Customer Said:

"Pleasantly surprised at the price to performance ratio. i.e. its f***'ng good and cheap compared to other stuff I tried"

(Sean, we're not saying you're boring)


Buying a mattress shouldn't feel like gambling. If you think your mattress is sinking beyond normal break-in within 3 years, we'll replace it with a new one. Free of charge. Even if the sink isn't visible. Backed by a 10-year warranty too (no inspectors or stupid games).

How's it different?

You're probably wondering how we compare to your other options. So, we threw together this fancy table for you.

BORING MATTRESS CO Other Brands Brands on Amazon

High-quality foam & springs.

Diamond Stardust™, Moon Foam™, & other useless "ingredients".

Cheap, low-quality materials.


Easy returns. No fuss.

Study the fine print. Must chant return spell correctly.

Good luck – lol


Your neighbor, Bill.

That handsome quarterback they paid millions.

No one.


Yes. But at least we're not named after a color or a friendly ghost.

Our lawyers said we can't put anything here.

Yes. And spelled wrong.


Won't lose sleep over it.

Might need a fourth job.

Cheap! You'll have to buy one next year too.


Get 99 nights to try the mattress. If it's not quite what you hoped for, we will take it back and issue you a full refund. No questions asked.

If You're Wondering

What kind of mattress is this?

It's a foam and spring mattress. But the industry loves fancy terms, so you might hear it called "hybrid technology". We prefer to call it for what it is - simply a comfortable and reliable bed. For details on the specs, visit our Mattress page.

Why do we need another mattress brand?

After shaking up the industry with Tuft & Needle, we watched the market regress far from our original vision of simple, honest mattress shopping. It's frustrating and complicated, flooded with overpriced gimmicks. Enough's enough.

So we're stepping in again. Drawing from our roots and experience, it's time to go back to what worked: a good mattress, a fair price, no tricks. Just like we did before, but even better. Read more about our story.

Does this mattress contain fiberglass?

No fiberglass. It's worth checking, though, especially since some brands are now in a rush to remove fiberglass from their beds. Boring never used it, never will.

We are using a premium alternative compared to widely available, cheaper options used by others. We pay extra to keep you happy. For details on our fiberglass-free fire barrier, visit our Mattress page.

How is your mattress "different"?

We've stripped away the gimmicks. While others focus on fancy sounding materials and complex features, we focus on quality materials, real comfort, and fair pricing. Just a great mattress that does what it's supposed to do – provide a good night's sleep.

Do you ship internationally?

We currently only ship within the United States. In Canada? You're next, so add your city to the list! We're working on expanding.

How do returns work?

Not loving your mattress? No problem. Reach out, and we'll guide you through a quick, painless return process. Your satisfaction is what matters most.