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Shopping for a mattress online has become a mess. Too many options, too many gimmicks, and a lot of fancy talk about nothing.

Mattress companies seem more focused on their bottom lines than on your comfort or dignity. They complicate what should be simple, leaving you navigating a maze of overpriced options and empty promises.

It's frustrating, confusing, and makes finding a mattress harder than it should be.

We're changing that. Our approach is simple: a no-nonsense, comfortable mattress that does what it's supposed to do.

We cut through the hype with a mattress that's better than it seems, at a price that makes sense. No tricks, no overblown promises, just a solid night's sleep.

We're here to make mattress shopping easy and honest, because getting a good night's sleep shouldn't be this hard.

Read more about our story here: Why we started Boring Mattress Co.



Corben is an ethical hacker who found the mattress industry kind of absurd. With his fresh outsider perspective, he's here to shake things up and redefine mattress shopping.


Daehee previously co-founded Tuft & Needle®, the earliest and most-loved online mattress brand. After disrupting traditional brick & mortar mattress stores, he's bringing simplicity and transparency back to the online mattress market.


Tyler is the pioneer of the universally-comfortable, affordable mattress. As employee #1 and Head of Product at Tuft & Needle®, Tyler designed, tested, and iterated on the T&N Original, the T&N Mint, the T&N Hybrid, and the T&N Pillow.