Not loving your Boring Mattress? We get it, no hard feelings. We offer a 99-night trial period starting from the day you receive your mattress. If it's not your dream mattress, we'll take it back and you'll get a full refund. Just a straightforward, hassle-free return process.

Considering a Return? Read This First

How long have you been sleeping on the mattress?

Consider how many nights you've slept on the mattress. It's important to sleep on it for at least a month to let your body get used to it. Sometimes, a mattress might feel better after your body adjusts, so if it's been less than 30 days, try giving it more time.

Have you been using the mattress with an appropriate foundation?

The support underneath your mattress matters. Make sure you're using the right base or foundation. If the base is old or doesn't match the mattress type, it could make the mattress uncomfortable. Before deciding on a return, think about whether a different base might make your mattress feel better.

Have your sleeping habits changed since you got the mattress?

Think about any changes in the way you sleep since you got the mattress. This includes new sleep positions, weight changes, health issues, or even if more people or pets are now sleeping on it. These changes can affect how comfortable the mattress feels.

How Returns Work

  1. Reach out to us at to request your return.
  2. As often as possible, we will coordinate a pickup service to come retrieve the used mattress from you.
  3. Once we have confirmation that your mattress has been picked up, we’ll process your refund.

Our Return Policy

  • You can request a return from the day after delivery and no later than 99 nights (100 days) after delivery.
  • Mattresses must be returned in a condition suitable for donation, with only normal wear and tear.
  • To be eligible for a return, mattresses must be used properly, on an appropriate base or foundation with proper support. See below for examples of improper use which will void the return eligibility.
  • If a mattress remains unopened for more than 90 days after delivery, it cannot be returned or claimed under warranty.
  • To complete a return, please provide all requested information to our support team. Original purchase receipt is required for all returns.
  • Limit of one return per household annually. We suggest trying a single mattress before making multiple purchases to ensure it meets your comfort and quality expectations.
  • Return Policy is exclusive to original purchasers who bought their mattress directly from Mattresses purchased from third-party sources are not eligible for the Return Policy.

Here are example of improper use of the mattress which could void the return policy. These are uncommon scenarios where the mattress is not used for normal, everyday sleeping purposes:

  • Using the mattress outdoors or in environments not suitable for bedding, like damp, excessively humid, or unsheltered areas, leading to potential mold or mildew.
  • Allowing the mattress to become excessively wet or stained, for instance, from spills, flooding, or cleaning processes.
  • Subjecting the mattress to weights beyond its designed capacity, which can lead to structural damage.
  • Altering the mattress’s structure, such as cutting, tearing, or reshaping it, which can compromise its integrity.
  • Allowing the mattress to come into contact with sharp objects, corrosive liquids, or harmful chemicals.